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Its A Digital Revolution

Love it or hate it Digital is here to stay and tonight members of Nuneaton & District Amateur Radio Club got to find out more about getting started with DMR. Presented by Guy M0GUY the presentation covered radios, modes and hotspots. Guy outlined the equipment needed, the costs involved and also provided a live demostration of building a Pi Star Hotspot from scratch including the hardware and software setup. The video of the meeting is avilable via the clubs YouTube channel. For quick access to the whole presentation click the image below.

SOTA Activation

SOTA Here We Come

The hills were alive with the sound of CQ on the 3rd July as NDARC took to the hills for a spot of SOTA activations. With restrictions starting to slowly ease across the UK, it was decided to get out and about once more, whilst still maintaining, personal safety for members. It was therefore decided that small groups of two members per group would attempt to activate a number of summits at the same time. As a tester for future activations two teams took up the challenge and activated Walton Hill and Cleeve Hill. The event proved to be a great success and was enjoyed by all who took part. Based on the success of this event, it is planned that further activations will take place either later in 2021 or planned for 2022 on a larger scale.

SOTA Activation

Rugby Radio History Revealed

January brings with it the yearly AGM and the start of a new club year. This year also saw the club welcome Malcom Hancock ex Station Manager of Rugby Radio Station to present a talk on the history of Rugby Radio station from its birth to its final demise. Members all agreed how interesting the talk was and how much information on the history of the station was fitted into a talk lasting just over 1 hour in length. Malcom was kind enough to bring along some copies of his Book "The History Of Rugby Radio Station" for members to purchase if they wished at £5.99 with all proceeds being donated to the Air Ambulance. If anyone would like to purchase a copy of Malcoms book directly information can be found by clicking the link below. Malcom kindly allowed the club to record the presentation and this can be found by visiting the clubs YouTube channel, a link to which is provided at the bottom on this page.

Rugby Radio Station

Summer Fun On The Air

With the weather turning slightly cooler and autumn just around the corner its time to remind ourselves of the hot sunny days of the summer and the field day activities enjoyed by the club. With scorching hot temperatures and blue skies for all, the start of July signalled the RSGB VHF National Field Day Contest, and once again NDARC was out to enjoy the weather, the conditions, the teamwork and the food. Hot summer days are great and bring a smile to everyones faces, its not quite so much fun when your in a tent though with 3 radios running, laptops and people. Luckily fans were on hand to keep everyone and everything cool and ticking over nicely. Conditions on the band were poorer than had been hoped but with the result of a certain football match (no doubt distant in peoples minds now) being played that day, the quiter than normal bands were to be expected. As with most field days however it was the sense of team work, enjoyment and general good times, which people remember year after year. This year also marked NDARC's first win at Contest level with the team securing a 1st Place in the Low Power section of the 4m contest. Overall everyone attending enjoyed the event and thoughts start to turn as the weather gets cooler to the summer again and the 2019 season.

Field Day

Exam Success & Launching The Project

NDARC were pleased to congratulate yet another successful Foundation candidate after passing their Foundation Exam and entering the world of Amateur Radio. The club always enjoys working new licence holders, so why not drop into the weekly clubnet on a Thursday evening 145.475Mhz at 21:30. Junes meeting also saw the launch of two club based projects for members to get involved with. First up under the title of Shack Essentials was a simple 2m Low Pass Filter designed to reduce unwanted signals from transmissions. The second project kindly arranged by one of the club members was a 7Mhz CW tranceiver. Both projects are available in kit form and come complete with all parts required to get the projects up and running. Members were asked to provide their own tools and equipment for building the kits, however a build time has been arranged for the next meeting to assist members with the construction of the transceiver should they require it. The club is eagerly awaiting the first member to complete their project and get on the air.

Want some DX? Call the commander

March's meeting welcomed Callum McCormick M0MCX of DX Commander fame to the club for an evening of entertainment, laughs and information presented in Callums unique whit and charm. Covering Callums journey from Scout Master to the spark of inspiration for the DX Commander and beyond members were treated to an inside sneak preview of how the DX Commander took shape, the failures and successes along the road and a few glimpses of whats around the corner for DX Commander. Callum was kind enough to provide a recording of the evening which will be published on his YouTube channel.

DX Commander YouTube Channel

Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared because if your not we know two people who certainly are. February saw Lee Hall and Callum Whitehall provide an informative eveing to members on levels of preparedness in the modern world. From dealing with day to day issues such as a minor cut or scrape to global threats the talk made everyone stop and think about what could happen both in daily life and in those not so likely situations. Lee provided some very useful tips and tricks for easing your daily grind and I think its fair to say that everyone was pretty sure who they'd want around if everything really did go wrong with Callum providing the second half of the evening talk. A new twist to evening saw the session recorded for those members who werent able to attend.

2018 AGM - Another Great Meeting?

Isnt that what AGM stands for, oh in that case it must have been the 2018 Annual General Meeting for NDARC instead. Either way the meeting proved to be another great meeting, with a very healthy attendance by members. Election for the committee were held with the current officers of the club retaining their original seats, a small ammendment to the general committee occured as one member stepped down and the committee was pleased to welcome into its ranks Callum one of the clubs younger members by a unanomous decision. The remainder of the meeting centred around the achievements the club had received during the 2017 season and the opportunities which lay ahead during 2018. The membership thanked the committee for their ongoing support and leadership of the club. The club meets again on the 16th February for a talk by Callum Whitehall & Lee Hall on "Preparedness In The Modern Age"

Welcome to 2018

Its crazy to think that Christmas has finished, the turkey is all but eatten and now we firmly welcome in 2018. The start of the new year is not the only thing we welcome, as we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new website with a new feel and a host of new features aimed to provide members and visitors with something they can return to time and time again.

Happy Christmas Present For Two

Christmas brought a welcome gift for Norman Pilling and Andrew Whattling as exam success came to both. The club assisted Norman, providing assistance with the Practical Assessment, and providing the venue to sit his exam. Andrew a member of Nuneaton & District Amateur Radio club for a number of years successfully sat and passed his Advanced Exam using the newly launched RSGB Online Exam. The club would like to congratulate both on their achievement and look forward to hearing them on the air.

Contesting Success

Success came calling for one happy member when Callum M6CUG was awarded the Leading Young Operator Certificate from the RSGB for his 2017 6m UKAC results. Awarded to the higest placing under 18 participant within each UKAC section, the club as a whole and definatly the Contesting Team wanted to congratulate Callum on his success, and keep its fingers firmly crossed for more success in the 2018 season.